General manufacturing

Manufacturing of industrial parts

At Services industriels Outaouais inc., our know-how in industrial mechanics and machining techniques is at your disposal for the manufacture, repair and modernization of mechanically welded equipment and structures that will meet your organization’s needs.

We can work with the following materials:

  • Steel;
  • Section or profile;
  • Sheet iron;
  • Aluminium;
  • Plastic;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Cement.

Replacing the defective part

Prolonged use of manufacturing parts can lead to wear and tear. The consequences of this wear and tear are many. Surfaces can become more porous and lose their mechanical properties. The size of the parts can be reduced. Parts can become more fragile because they lose their fatigue strength.

When the wear is so bad that the part can no longer be repaired, we can manufacture a replacement part in our shop.

Modernizing your equipment by adding a new part

Our machine tools can apply many machining and industrial mechanical processes to carry out your custom metal-based projects. In particular, we use mechanically welded techniques, where metals such as steel or profiles are welded together

Manufacturing parts based on your drawings or plans

Our specialized team can manufacture, repair or modify a wide variety of parts based on your drawings or sketches. Our technicians are known for their versatility, meticulous precision and excellent quality of work.

Finishing : Metal painting and installation service

To better customize your parts or ensure that you don’t see the difference between new and old parts, we can paint most metal surfaces. You can also count on the help of our certified technicians to install the products we manufacture.

Send us your plans or sketches and we will be happy to make your project a reality!

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