Sheet metal working

Sheet metal working service

At Services industriels Outaouais inc., we made sure to surround ourselves with a team of sheet metal workers whose creativity and know-how are prodigious. We have the skills and knowledge to manufacture the sheet iron part or product that will precisely meet your needs.

Our equipment and machinery allow us to perform many tasks for working light metals and sheet iron, such as bending, cutting, painting and assembly.

In addition to custom sheet iron product manufacturing projects, we can also manufacture a variety of objects:

  • Material handling devices;
  • Roofs;
  • Metal constructions;
  • Dock beams;
  • Snow shovels;
  • Conveyor sides.

Cutting service

Our Gatineau shop is also equipped with machines that can perform plasma-arc and waterjet metal cutting techniques. This manufacturing process is used to cut the sheet iron and give it the shape you want with clearly defined edges.

Plasma-arc cutting

This metal cutting process uses an electric arc of just a few millimetres to generate a plasma jet. Plasma is a gas mixture that has been ionized.

In other words, the bonds between the atoms of the gases have been broken, releasing an impressive amount of energy. This energy forms the plasma jet and will be directed towards the material to be cut with an accuracy of more or less 0.2 mm. Our plasma devices can cut sheet metal between 0 and 160 mm thick.

Waterjet cutting

This process uses a very high pressure water jet. Often, an abrasive, such as sand, is added to cut some thicker materials. This technique can cut metals up to 600 mm thick.

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