Industrial mechanics

Industrial mechanics service

At Services industriels Outaouais inc., our industrial mechanics hold the required skills and certifications to work on most mechanical, pneumatic or automated systems in the Laurentides, in the Ottawa and Gatineau regions, as well as elsewhere in the Outaouais.

In industrial mechanics, prevention is better than cure

Industrial equipment can perform many functions. In order for them to continue to play their role to their full potential, it is better to maintain them regularly. Our team takes care of the inspection and preventive maintenance for most of your machines.

We carry out our maintenance work at a time that is most convenient for you in order to allow you to operate as naturally as possible. If an emergency repair is required, our team can be reached at any time.

Our industrial mechanics can do:

  • Installation of new machines;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Reconditioning;
  • Repairs, including emergency repairs 24/7;
  • Modification and improvement;
  • Support and maintenance;
  • Moving equipment.

Be on the cutting edge of technology

Every day, new technologies appear on the market. Your industrial equipment could benefit from these new technologies to improve efficiency and increase your productivity. Whether you are looking to update, improve or modify your machines, our team of industrial mechanics can certainly help you optimize your production.

We can carry out the modernization work directly in your plant or we can move the equipment to our shop. We can even assist you with a custom project for your plant. Consult our general manufacturing department

All our services can be performed on a variety of industrial equipment found in plants, such as:

  • Production equipment;
  • Machine tools;
  • Handling equipment;
  • Heavy duty equipment.

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